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About Katie Ray
Therapy for adults online across Oregon and Washington

Katie Ray

Hi, I'm Katie Ray. I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor trained in IFS, EMDR, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.  I work with adults who have experienced tough stuff in their childhood. My goal is to help you stop experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety, people pleasing behavior, and disconnection from your true self.  I am here to help facilitate the healing and transformation you are ready for!


My Journey To Becoming A Counselor

I’m no different from the clients I see. Like everyone else, I'm human. I've been been through both wonderful and difficult experiences that have shaped who I am and how I help.

I have been through painful periods of anxiety and depression and have learned over time how to find safety, comfort, and healing through practices and resources I enjoy sharing with my clients. I have found that my own pain has taught me how to be a gentle and good listener.  I have tried to use my experiences to help me grow and connect in more deeply meaningful ways in my relationships, with my spirituality, and the natural world.

My life experiences are what lead me to become the Counselor I am today.

Helping People Is A Gift To Others, But Also Myself

Being a Counselor is an honor. I love helping people become healthier and more empowered and witnessing them achieve more fulfilling lives. The most rewarding thing about being a Counselor is knowing that I had a part in helping someone else transform their life.

I am committed to encouraging you to see healing and transformation.


I Have Compassion For People And Bring Warmth and An Open, Non-judgemental Presence To Sessions

I have a natural ability to:

  • Help people identify what they are feeling

  • Uncover what's under the surface

  • Explain mental health symptoms in an easy to understand way

  • Help clients heal their past and manage the present

People who know me often say that I am calming person who can help people through difficult and stressful times.

Our Sessions Are Focused On You

Sessions will provide you with the space to feel what you need to feel. In feeling safe and comfortable, you'll be able to figure things out about yourself and focus on yourself without feeling selfish.

It's important to me to provide a non-judgemental space where you can be yourself and create safety within session. There isn't a "one size fits all" approach to Therapy. Our sessions will fit your specific needs and concerns.

As A Counselor, I Embrace The Following Philosophies

  • I believe that you are worthy of love and care

  • I believe that we only heal if we take care of ourselves

  • I believe that emotions heal when they are witnessed and validated

  • I believe that therapy should address the person as a whole - their mind, body, and spirit

  • I believe that taking care of yourself is the most generous thing you can do for the world



My Professional Background

I graduated from Lewis and Clark College with a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology in 2008. I have worked in various settings including community mental health, intensive outpatient/partial hospitalization and outpatient psychiatry for many years. I am proud to have helped develop both a trauma program and an Acceptance and Commitment therapy program during my time in agency work. I have also been a yoga teacher and enjoy infusing this practice into my work and personal care as well.

Let’s Discover How I Can Help

Start living in the moment and enjoying it. Get your free phone consultation where you can share what’s going on for you and we can explore how I can help.

Email me today at . I'm here for you.

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